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summer reading
Students should complete each of the following three components over the summer and return no later than September 1, 2017.
1. We encourage all elementary students to participate in the Governor's Summer Reading Challenge. Use the state's form to record the titles of every book read by or read to your child during the summer.  
2. Students should choose a book they read and complete a grade-level appropriate activity from the list below:
Students entering grades 1 and 2 choose 1
*Draw a picture of your favorite part of a story. Include a sentence or two describing the picture. (paper in packet)
*Divide your paper into three sections.  Draw a picture of the beginning, middle, and end of the story in each section and write a sentence to go with each picture.
Students entering grades 3-5 choose one
* Students write a summary of the book they read. They should include transition words such as in the beginning, then, next, after that, etc.
*Students write a letter to the author of the book. They should include 3 or more reasons why they liked the book including text examples.
* Students write a book review including examples of what they liked in the book or what they feel should be changed.


Reading Journal
Reading List K-Grade 2
Reading List Grades 3-4
Reading List Grades 5-6

DON'T FORGET!  3. Summer Math Fun Packet
Students need to circle and complete 20 activities on the math calendar.

Summer Reading Program
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Summer Reading Program
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